Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monkey Jungle

Monday, we went for an afternoon trip to the Monkey Jungle where some enjoyed zip-lining and the spider monkeys. At the Monkey Jungle, there is a free clinic for local people where they can receive medical and dental services.  All remaining supplies from our mission trip were left here. The owner "Chuck" was overwhelmed by our generosity and support.

Matt's pics in black & white

Matt took some great pics in black & white...

Sports equipment

Just a small sample of the sports equipment we gave out.....

Horseback riding

A great day of horseback riding.....

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Boys go golfing Saturday 7th

Saturday, after a long week at the clinics, the boys went for an afternoon of golf.  Thanks David K. for organizing.

David K.

David O.
Doug S.

Dr. Doug

Mark our golf pro, thanks for the tips.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dr. Doug

Dr. Doug can diagnose tuberculosis....bananas not so much!!!!

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Fiesta night

Friday night our group thanked our translators and the local Sosua Rotarians at a fiesta party.  Everybody was dressed to the nines and was ready to party.
Casrol, Claire, Dominique and Jaimie
Franco, Marian & Andres

Louise, Mary & Wilver
Linda, Marjie, Lori, Doug

David, David,K, Benny Alicia, Rena
Mark, Dominique, Amber, Matt, Emily, Claire, Jaimie

Mary, Wilver, Stendy
Lori, Wilver, Andres
Anne, Lori, Andres

Emily & Mark

Anne, Lori, Mario
Anne, Lori, Stendy, Mario, Wilver, & Andres

Anne, Lori, Stendy

Lori, Jasmine, Anne
Lori, Donatty, Anne

Lori, Neftalie, Anne
Alicia, Dianne, Benny & Donatty's Dad

Rotarians with Dianne

Alicia & Benny